Highest Efficiency Solar Cells Available

Marine grade solar panels. ETFE laminates, 24-25%+ efficient Sunpower solar cells, silicone in junction boxes!

  • Integrated Double Solar Panels

    Our integrated double solar panels are designed for maximum shade tolerance, splitting into four independent solar generation areas. This innovative design ensures continuous power production even in partial shade. Perfect for biminis and dodgers, these panels offer reliable performance in various marine environments. Enjoy enhanced energy efficiency and flexibility with our advanced solar technology, ideal for optimizing power on your boat.

  • Walk on Solar Panels

    Our marine solar panels are perfect for camper van roofs, roof racks, and boat decks. Designed for durability, you can walk or even dance on them without damaging the solar cells. Ideal for mobile and marine applications, these panels offer robust performance and flexibility, ensuring your power needs are met without compromising on space or reliability.

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    Solar System Kits

    Outfit your boat with ease using our all-in-one solar kits, including panels, mounts, wires, and charge controllers. We also offer lithium batteries and Victron products. Get personalized support and custom designs for any boat type. Use our solar power calculator and expert advice to ensure your system meets your needs.

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Premium Marine Solar Panels/Systems and Lithium Iron Batteries

Improve your cruising experience with the highest efficiency solar panels available.

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Why Choose Us?

Discover why Custom Marine Products is the top choice for marine solar and lithium battery solutions. Our high-efficiency, durable solar panels are crafted with premium materials, offering superior performance even in partial shade. Ideal for a variety of marine applications, our products feature advanced design elements like potted junction boxes and flexible mounting options to ensure long-term reliability. With Shade Tolerant technology and easy installation, our panels are perfect for maximizing energy output on your boat.

Marine Solar Panels 101

Explore the essentials of marine solar panels at Custom Marine Products. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about these specialized photovoltaic systems, designed to withstand harsh marine environments while providing efficient, sustainable power for boats. Learn about the different types of marine solar panels, their key features, installation considerations, and the numerous benefits they offer, such as reduced fuel consumption and silent operation. Enhance your boating experience with reliable and eco-friendly energy solutions.