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Victron Energy is renowned for its high-quality products, which include sinewave inverters, sinewave inverter/chargers, battery chargers, DC-DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors, and much more. Known for their technical innovation, reliability, and exceptional build quality, Victron Energy products are widely regarded as the professional choice for those seeking independent electric power solutions.

Why Choose Victron Energy Products?

  1. Unrivalled Technical Innovation: Victron Energy is at the forefront of electrical engineering, continually pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of their customers.

  2. Exceptional Reliability: Dependability is a cornerstone of Victron Energy's product design. Their rigorous testing and quality control processes ensure that every product performs reliably, even in the most demanding environments.

  3. Superior Build Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Victron Energy products are built to last. This commitment to quality ensures long-term satisfaction and peace of mind for users.

Explore Our Range of Victron Energy Products

As an authorized Victron dealer, we are proud to offer the complete line of Victron Energy products. Whether you are looking for marine power solutions, off-grid systems, or backup power supplies, we have you covered.

  • Sinewave Inverters: Delivering pure sine wave output, these inverters provide reliable and clean power for sensitive electronics and appliances.
  • Sinewave Inverter/Chargers: Combining an inverter and battery charger in a single unit, these products offer seamless power conversion and battery management.
  • Battery Chargers: Efficiently charge and maintain your batteries with advanced charging algorithms that maximize battery life.
  • DC-DC Converters: Ensure consistent and stable power conversion for various applications, from vehicle systems to renewable energy setups.
  • Transfer Switches: Automatically switch between different power sources, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  • Battery Monitors: Keep track of your battery status and health with accurate monitoring and diagnostics.

Specialized Marine Power Solutions

We specialize in providing Victron Energy products tailored for marine applications. Our comprehensive selection includes:

  • Marine Solar Power Kits: Designed for the unique demands of marine environments, our solar power kits include everything you need for a reliable and efficient solar power system on your boat.
  • Marine Battery Chargers and Inverters: Specifically engineered to withstand the harsh marine conditions, these products ensure your power needs are met whether you’re docked or at sea.

Why Buy From Us?

As a dedicated Victron Energy dealer, we offer:

  • Expert Knowledge and Support: Our team is well-versed in Victron Energy products and can provide expert guidance to help you choose the right solution for your needs.
  • Comprehensive Stock Availability: We maintain a large inventory of popular Victron products, ensuring quick and reliable shipping.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices on all Victron Energy products, providing you with excellent value for your investment.

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Ready to power your journey with Victron Energy? Contact us today to learn more about our products, get personalized recommendations, and place your order.

Premium Marine Solar Panels/Systems and Lithium Iron Batteries

Improve your cruising experience with the highest efficiency solar panels available. 

  • Shipping

    Products ship day after payment domestically. International takes longer. We do not add tariff charges.

  • Custom Designs

    Our engineers will work with you to design a solar system specific to your needs including Lithium Batteries if you like. (Batteries are 10% off w/ solar system purchase).

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  • Doug Heath - Santa Fe, NM

    Customer Service and Product

    Very pleased with the performance of the rigid solar panels purchased in 2022. Customer service also has been consistently excellent both before the sale regarding product selection and after the sale regarding installation and maintenance concerns.

  • William Roth - Kodiak, AK

    Heavy Duty Panels For The Win

    Installed 1200watts of panels on my 56' commercial fishing boat in Kodiak Alaska, with salt spray and harsh winters I hardly run my genset. Installation was a breeze with using silicone to mount them. Most the boats in my family fleet have them now and we are all saving big on the fuel bill! Couldn't be happier with the purchace.

  • Hartwell C - Bellingham, WA

    Easy Install - Great Performance

    I worked with Tom last year to design a system for my sailboat; the dialog and information was very detailed and helpful in helping determine my system needs and completing the installation. Once ordering, the kit arrived in a timely manner and very complete. The install was very straightforward and Tom provided additional information as needed. After the install I took off on a 7 month cruise of British Columbia. The system worked perfectly during my trip. I’m very happy with the equipment and support from CMP and Tom. I highly recommend !

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