Why Choose Us?

Our SunPower monocrystalline cell and HJT/PERC monocrystalline cell flexible solar panels, ranging from 55 to 240 watts, boast high efficiency rates of up to 25.4%. These solar panels, custom-made to our specifications by leading manufacturers, are ideal for a variety of marine applications. Whether you're looking for marine solar panels, walkable solar panels, or solar panels you can walk on, we offer superior products tailored to meet the unique needs of boat owners and marine enthusiasts.


Unique Features of Our Marine Solar Panels

Quality Materials
Our marine solar panels are constructed with impermeable ETFE laminates, ensuring they remain clear and undamaged despite prolonged exposure to intense UV light. This quality guarantees durability and long-term performance in harsh marine environments.

High Performance When Partially Shaded
Equipped with blocking diodes throughout the panels, our marine solar panels automatically shut off non-producing cells and draw power from the active cells. These A+ grade cells continue to produce power even when partially shaded. Our Shade Tolerant panels, split into quadrants rather than halves, offer superior shade performance, ensuring consistent energy production.

Grade A+ SunPower Solar Cells
Our panels deliver performance comparable to rigid panels, generating high power at low sun angles and when partially shaded. This makes them perfect for cruising sailboats and other marine applications where maximizing output from limited space is crucial. With an efficiency of up to 25.4%, our panels produce more watt-hours per day than those with lower efficiency cells.

Potted Junction Boxes with Silicone
To protect the electronics from rust and degradation over time, our panels feature potted junction boxes sealed with silicone, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Mounting Flexibility
The flexible design of our panels allows them to contour and flex against curved surfaces with a maximum bending radius of 30 degrees. This is ideal for installation on bimini tops or curved deck surfaces.

Mounting Options
Each panel can be securely attached using high bond tape, snap, magnetic, or screw mounting systems. Our screw mounting method has become the most popular for attaching solar panels to canvas biminis and dodgers. Additionally, grommets provide an extra level of ease for installation.

Plug and Play
All panels come with industry-standard waterproof MC4 connectors on 3-foot (1-meter) long pigtails, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free setup.

Maximum Output with Shading
Our proprietary Shade Tolerant panels are engineered to deliver optimal performance even under shading conditions such as boom shading.

Purchase Options
Our panels are available for individual purchase or as part of a complete, easy-to-install kit, providing flexibility to meet various installation needs.

While we do not recommend it, our panels are designed to withstand light foot traffic, making them durable and resilient for marine environments.

In summary, our marine solar panels, including walkable and walk on solar panels, are designed to offer unparalleled efficiency and durability. Whether you're outfitting a cruising sailboat, a motor yacht, or even a van, our products ensure maximum energy production and long-term reliability. Visit our Marine Solar Panels pages for detailed information on why our panels are the best choice for your marine solar needs.